About Us

Motoring Mobility is one of the leading vehicle modifiers for wheelchair access in Australia. We bring to you wheelchair solutions that are not just innovative and reliable, but are also affordable to clients with different budgets and financial limitations. We have years of experience in manufacturing, design, floor installations, hoists, and ramps for commercial and private mobility assistance vehicles.

With Motoring Mobility, you can rest assured that we would be providing products that exceed industry standards and meet Australian Design Regulations (ADRs). You can also be sure that we are more than willing to listen to your additional requests and your occupational therapists requests when it comes to mobility access vehicle modification.

Choose Motoring Mobility as Your Mobility Vehicle Provider

There are heaps of reasons why we, Motoring Mobility, should be your preferred mobility access vehicle provider. For starters, we are one of the premier vehicle modifiers for wheelchair accessible vehicles in Australia. All of our products, including the vehicle, modified car parts, and other mobility-related add-ons, are made with high quality materials and are durable and reliable.

Our vehicles are also designed to suit the lifestyle of our clients. If you want to be able to drive with a wheelchair, sit in front, centre, or at the back, we would be able to modify your vehicle for you and your family. Our service does not stop once we’ve provided you with your mobility access vehicle. You have become part of the family.

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Contact Motoring Mobility for Your Mobility Access Vehicle Needs

We understand the struggles faced by individuals who have issues with mobility, especially if these are related to wheelchair-bound disabilities. That is the reason why, as much as possible, we aim to provide seamless service and transactions to our clients. We want to be able to lessen your load. That is why we have established our business with these goals in mind.

All vehicles provided by Motoring Mobility meets Australian Design Rules, and comply with Australian industry standards. We can give you advice that meets your budget and your needs. We would also be happy to help you with enquiries about government assistance for mobility access vehicle purchases.

Grab this opportunity. Call us now and see how you can achieve better mobility at an affordable price!