Manual Push/Pull Hand Control

Push or pull hand controls are designed specifically for people with lower limb disabilities.

“Push” Hand Control

The push hand control operates the accelerator with the hand piece is moved in a downward arc, like that of a motorcycle. The brake, on the other hand, is applied when the hand-piece is pushed towards the dash. This type of hand control allows the brake and accelerator to be applied at the same time, making day to day driving easier and more convenient.

If required, the push hand control can also be modified for a left side operation. The accelerator can also be modified to operate in an upward arc instead of a downward one.

Manual Push/Pull Hand Control
“Pull” Hand Control

Like the push hand control, you have to push the hand-piece towards the dash to apply the brakes in a pull hand control setup. Acceleration, however, is quite different. In a pull hand control, the hand-piece is pulled towards the driver to accelerate. Pull hand control can also be setup for right or left side operation as needed.