Mobility Parking

The number of vehicles being driven nationwide increases every year. This increase can lead to several problems, like traffic congestion, over-population, and even an issue with finding convenient parking. Being able to have a convenient parking spot might not be a serious issue to some. However, to people with disabilities, it spells the difference between able to perform one’s task independently, and not having the freedom to perform mundane tasks.

Thankfully, the Australian government has instituted mobility parking schemes that provides parking spaces to people with mobility disabilities. The Roads and Maritime Services issues an Australian Disability Parking Permit that allows people with disabilities to have access to these mobility parking concessions.

What You Need to Know about the Mobility Parking Scheme (MPS)

The Roads and Maritime Services issues different types of license or permits to people with disabilities. The first is the individual permit (blue card), which lasts for five years. This kind of permit may only be issued to people with disabilities which are permanent.

The temporary permit (red card), on the other hand, lasts for up to six months and is issued only to those with temporary disabilities. The Roads and Maritime Services also issues a green card for organisations that provide transport services for people with disabilities.

To be eligible for a permit, you must have a clinically recognisable disability that fits the definition as defined by current legislations. A person must be unable to walk on one or both legs, must have a physical condition that can be worsened by walking 100 metres, or must require the use of mobility aids like crutches, callipers, and walking frames.

mobility parking

Some of these clinically recognisable disabilities include paraplegia, quadriplegia, cerebral palsy, neuromuscular conditions, and the like.  The MPS permits may also be issued to people who are permanently blind as defined by the Commonwealth Social Security Act of 1991.

Apply for the Australian Disability Parking Permit with Help from Motoring Mobility!

To have access to convenient parking concessions, apply for the Australian Disability Parking Permit today. You only need to complete the application form, have a medical certificate signed by a medical doctor to confirm your disability, and provide acceptable proof of identity. For additional enquiries about the Mobility Parking Scheme, contact relevant local government institutions now.