Our Range of Vehicles

We at Motoring Mobility seek to provide wheelchair accessible vehicles of all kinds to our valued clients. With the range of brands, sizes, and conversion types we provide, you can be sure that you’ll get a wheelchair accessible vehicle that would fit your needs without compromising its style or efficiency.

Our Range of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

We have a wide range of conversions that are available for modification, all made to suit the lifestyle and requirements of our clients. Here are some of the wheelchair accessible vehicle conversions that we offer here at Motoring Mobility:

Toyota Tarago

Toyota Tarago is an example of a stylish and high-quality rear entry conversion wheelchair accessible vehicle offered by Motoring Mobility. It features a lightweight counter-balances ramp that gives access to the low-level floor conversion on the rear part of the vehicle.

With the help of this feature, the wheelchair-bound occupant can be easily loaded and accommodated within the vehicle, whether they are using an electric powered wheelchair or a manual one. The Toyota Tarago also has a full electric wheelchair restraint system with a lap sash safety belt, which increases the security without compromising passenger visibility and comfort.

Renault Kangoo

The Renault Kangoo has relatively smaller dimensions ideal for short and inner city travels. It has a low floor conversion and a ramp set at a gentle angle. With these features, all kinds and sizes of wheelchairs would be able to easily access the vehicle without sacrificing comfort and security.

In this type of conversion vehicle, wheelchair-bound occupants can ride the vehicle at their preferred height, giving them the freedom to look outside the vehicle without equipment blocking their window view. The Renault Kangoo can be converted into a transfer drive vehicle. It also features automatic wheelchair docking systems and remote control electric tail rear doors and ramp, among other additional installations.

VW Caddy Maxi

The VW Caddy Maxi is a rear entry Volkswagen wheelchair accessible vehicle offering low floor conversion on its wheelbase. Wheelchair-bound occupants would be able to easily enter the vehicle due to its brilliant loading operations, thanks to its lightweight counter-balanced ramp.

The modification version of the VW Caddy Maxi includes electric wheelchair restraint systems, optional seating on either side of the car, and incredible passenger height and visibility. Because the VW Caddy Maxi has a longer wheelbase, you can have more interior room perfect for additional equipment or load. This wheelchair accessible vehicle can be modified to suit a transfer drive, and can also have electric ramps, powered seat base, and docking, upon request.