Even from the beginning, the ultimate goal of Motoring Mobility, is to manufacture, modify, and provide wheelchair accessible vehicles to those who need to get around in long or short distances. We want to empower people with disabilities by giving them the chance to have relatively seamless mobility without compromising their health, comfort, and safety.

With our specialised services, we would have the power to give you access to wheelchair accessible vehicles. We also provide an avenue for affordable vehicular maintenance and repairs.

Purchase Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles with Government Funding

It is no question that to many people, wheelchair accessible vehicles might not be as affordable as other modes of transportation. After all, the conversion and modification process are not free.

As much as we would want to lessen the cost of our service even more, we can only do so much in order to keep our company afloat. It also wouldn’t be wise to use all of your money just for transportation. It is never a good idea to sacrifice financial mobility for spatial mobility.

Thankfully, our government is equipped with laws that guarantee funding contribution to eligible people with disabilities. However, before you apply for government funding assistance, there are certain elements that must be considered.

  • First, your Occupational Therapist must approve and formally support your application for funding.
  • Second, funding is only going to be available if it would be purchased from licensed motor car trader.
  • Third, the age of the vehicle and kilometres travelled of the vehicle

It is also important to remember that if you are going to use your vehicle for transport to and from work, you should be able to recover the GST on maintenance and purchase costs.

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Motoring Mobility is a licensed motor car trader that has experience when dealing with clients requiring funding assistance for their wheelchair accessible vehicle. We have a wide range of knowledge when it comes to the Vehicle Modification Subsidy Scheme, State Wide Equipment Program Workover, Vehicle Options Subsidy Scheme, and other funding assistance programs established by the government.

To know more about funding assistance for mobility vehicles, contact Motoring Mobility today.