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Here at Motoring Mobility, we believe that the beauty of traveling should be enjoyed by everyone – including our family and friends who have special needs or disabilities. With our high quality mobility vehicles specially designed for your use and comfort, you can now easily transport with your family and friends.

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Accredited by NDIS to assist and give cost back to disabled people.

20+ years

20 years + experience in Transportation solutions for the disabled.

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Financing options are available.

Why Choose a Mobility Vehicle?

It’s not just about having a beautiful car; it’s more of having a car that functions according to one’s unique needs. Here are some of the benefits of using a mobility vehicle.

More Efficiency

With a wheelchair friendly ramp or lift system, getting inside the car is more efficient. No more having to lift the wheelchair and the user to get inside the vehicle.

Less Pain

On the part of the wheelchair user, it could be painful for them to walk a few steps to get inside the car. With a mobility vehicle, the disabled can conveniently get in the car within seconds.

Enjoy the view the same as the driver from your wheelchair rather than staring at telegraph poles and gutters.

Great Investment

Anything that fulfils our needs is a great investment. A mobility vehicle is a great investment as having the opportunity to travel comfortably adds to your quality of life.

When the family is finished with the vehicle we are happy to offer to buy it back because mobility vehicles are valuable but hard to sell to the public and many families cannot afford a new car but can afford a second hand car.

More Independence

Go anywhere, anytime. Need we say more?

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Get Ready to Explore Australia by Land

Imagine a week-long road trip with your family. With a mobility vehicle, there is no more reason for a disabled relative or friend to be left at home.
Every trip will be as comfortable for everyone as it can normally be.

Get a mobility motor vehicle that suits you

Do you have specific needs in a car? At Motoring Mobility, we see to it that our customers get what they want and more. We have mobility cars that come with wheelchair ramp systems as well as ones that have a manual system.

If you are not sure what you want or are looking for, you can visit our showroom for a demonstration. Otherwise, we’re happy to bring the vehicles at your place for your convenience for a test drive. Call us for enquiries.


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Disability Engineering

We can help convert your car to your specific needs

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