Service and Repairs of Mobility Vehicles

Motoring Mobility does not just provide conversions and wheelchair accessible vehicles. We also offer repair and maintenance to our clients as well.

Here at Motoring Mobility, we believe that apart from convenience and comfort in travel, safety is also a paramount issue. For that reason, we offer wheelchair accessible vehicle service and repairs to our clients at an accessible rate.

Why the Maintenance and Repairs

It is not advisable for you to bring your conversion car to just any other car repair company. When it comes to specialised kinds of vehicles such as yours, you need to go to a service provider with enough experience in dealing with wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Apart from those, we also make sure that your wheelchair access conversion is still at its best condition. We do this by doing oil changes in wheelchair hoists, lubricating ramps, adjusting limit switches, and assessing the belts and restraints in the wheelchair itself.

By bringing your wheelchair accessible vehicle straight to us, you can avoid additional and unnecessary costs brought about by the lack of appropriate maintenance techniques of non-specialised repair companies. To avoid exorbitant repair prices, it would be advisable for you to bring your car up for regular maintenance once in a while. By doing this, you can prevent breakdowns in the middle of the road, and lessen the chances of highly inconveniencing yourself and your wheelchair-bound occupant.

Trust Only a Professional Team
service and repairs of mobility vehicles

Motoring Mobility is not just one of the premier providers of wheelchair accessible vehicles around Australia. We are also a dependable service and repair company that specialises in the maintenance and repair of your wheelchair accessible vehicle.

To avoid further headaches, bring your vehicle straight to us once you think that it might be having a problem. We would be happy to assist you in making your vehicle function good as new. For additional enquiries, contact Motoring Mobility today.