Types of Mobility Assistance Vehicles

Here at Motoring Mobility, we believe that every case is different for each client. There is not one kind or type of vehicle that would be able suit the needs of all kinds of clients at all times. For that reason, we provide a variety of mobility assistance vehicles that would be able to fit to the needs and requests of our clients on a case-to-case basis.

Types of Mobility Assistance Vehicles
Driving from a Wheelchair

Just because you have a disability, does not mean that all kinds of freedom and independence are immediately going to be removed from you.

Here at Motoring Mobility, we provide vehicles that would let wheelchair-bound clients to travel (either for work or for pleasure) without any kind of assistance from others. With our driver control options and automated entry, our vehicles would be able to give wheelchair users a certain kind of freedom with mobility.

drive from wheelchair
Front passenger vehicle

A front passenger mobility assistance vehicle allows wheelchair-bound clients to be nearer to the driver and sit in front of his/her car. This kind of mobility access vehicle is quite popular, especially because it gives its passengers certain freedom for movement and interaction when seated in front.

front passenger
Row 2 Conversion

If you want to be able to travel with a relatively large amount of party, this kind of mobility assistance vehicle is perfect for you.

The Row 2 Conversion is quite popular for families, and can fit up to six occupants. The wheelchair-bound client will be seated in the middle to provide room for better interaction, as well as room for assistance when it comes to mobility needs. Apart from that, a Row 2 Conversion vehicle also allows for space for any kind of additional load or equipment, whether disability-related or not.

row 2 conversion
Row 3 Conversion

A Row 3 Conversion vehicle is a mobility access vehicle that saves the space at the back for the wheelchair-bound client. This kind of vehicle can hold up to seven occupants, not including the wheelchair-bound client.

For clients who can transfer out of the wheelchair for longer trips, and to those to need extra space for additional load and equipment, this kind of vehicle would be perfect for you and your family.

row 3 conversion
Contact Motoring Mobility for Enquiries About Mobility Access Vehicles

Here at Motoring Mobility, we provide our clients flexible service when it comes to the kinds of mobility access vehicles they require. If you want to seat in front, at the back, in the middle, or even drive the vehicle by yourself, we have got you covered. Contact us now for more enquiries about mobility access vehicles.