Wheelchair accessible vehicle conversions are not cheap. As much as it would be entirely convenient for people to have their own wheelchair accessible mode of transportation, purchasing one that suits your lifestyle and your budget can be quite difficult.

However, there are times when you really need to have access to such vehicles. Thankfully, there are companies nowadays that allow wheelchair accessible vehicle rentals for people who need such vehicles at a short amount of time.

Motoring Mobility, one of the premier wheelchair accessible vehicle providers in Australia, can readily provide a wheelchair accessible vehicle rental for you and your family immediately at a fair price.

Rent a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle From Motoring Mobility

No matter how short or long you might need our wheelchair accessible vehicle, we would be able to provide them to you at a fair and accessible price. Our wheelchair accessible vehicles can be rented at a flexible amount of time. You can rent our cars for one day, one week, one month, or even several months, depending on your needs. We offer four-seater and five-seater vehicles with wheelchair in two different designs, the family design and the passenger design. Our wheelchair accessible rental prices include GST.

Rent a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle From Motoring Mobility

You can pick up and return our vehicles at our designated area, or we can deliver the rental to you within a 50 km radius. Payment can be made through credit card or cash, depending on your preference. If you receive a fine or an infringement notice while you hold possession of our rental unit, we will be sending the notice to you by mail. The responsibility to pay the fine falls under your shoulders. Similarly, toll fines will be charged to your credit card.

For safety reasons, we require the driver of the wheelchair accessible vehicle to be more than 25 years of age. He or she must also have a valid license, as well as a minimum of two or more years of driving experience.

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Motoring Mobility is one of the most trusted wheelchair accessible vehicle providers in Australia. We have years of experience under our belt, and we promise top-notch service to our clients. If you want to enquire more about the details of our wheelchair accessible rentals, contact Motoring Mobility now!