Types of Use for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Here at Motoring Mobility, our aim is to give our clients the best experience when it comes to their disability-related transportation and vehicular needs. We provide several types of vehicles with different wheelchair placements – all suited to the lifestyle and needs of our clients. We understand that our clients use their vehicles for different reasons. Thus, we want to be able to provide a product which they would be able to use easily.

Various Uses for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Wheelchair accessible vehicles can be used in heaps of events. Here are some of the many ways in which you and your family can use the wheelchair accessible vehicles that you can get from Motoring Mobility:

Personal use

The most common use for wheelchair accessible vehicles is for personal use. Our products are the ideal types of vehicles for your family, especially if you have someone who needs a wheelchair to get around.

Motoring Mobility can modify your vehicles to suit your preferred wheelchair position, be it on the first row, second row, or third row. Such cars would be able to carry up to seven people, depending on the wheelchair position that you choose.

wheelchair accessible vehicles
Community Transport

Our products can also be used from community transport. Since our vehicle options are extremely flexible, wheelchair bound and ambulant occupants would be able to ride inside the vehicle comfortably during shorter trips. For community group trips, private hire companies, or aged care facilities, our products here at Motoring Mobility is going to be perfect for you.

Taxi Use

Commuting and traveling at relatively shorter distances can be quite challenging, especially if you are with someone who is wheelchair bound. The public transport system that we have right now is not as disability-friendly as we would like. This is why taxis that are wheelchair accessible are always on demand.

With vehicles from Motoring Mobility, you can use your wheelchair accessible vehicle as a taxi. This is not only good for your livelihood, but also convenient for wheelchair-bound individuals who find it hard to commute in Australia.

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Motoring Mobility is one of the premier providers and modifiers when it comes to wheelchair accessible vehicles here in Australia. We provide vehicles and car parts that are highly reliable and durable. We likewise proudly comply with Australian design and industry standards in relation to Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles.

For enquiries about the types of use for mobility access vehicles, as well as questions about purchases, we would be more than happy to assist you. Contact us now for more details!