10 Reasons to Buy a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

A wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) is a vehicle that has been modified to transport people in their wheelchairs. Customised WAVs allow people with walking disability to travel around without transferring to a car seat. Because wheelchair accessible vehicles are adaptable to a user’s needs, one can travel comfortably either as a passenger or as a driver.

Living with a wheelchair using family member can pose many challenges. Buying a wheelchair accessible vehicle can significantly improve quality of life both for the disabled and the rest of the family.

Why should you invest on a wheelchair accessible vehicle?

If you still haven’t considered investing in a wheelchair accessible vehicle, here are 10 reasons why you should.

1. Increased mobility

A wheelchair accessible vehicle can improve a disabled person’s mobility. Whether you’re using a power or manual wheelchair, you’ll be able to move easier from point to point. If you need to go to the store or want to take a drive by the beach, you don’t have to wait for a family member to assist you.

2. Peace of mind

If you have a wheelchair user person in your family, you constantly worry about their safety whenever they leave the house. Wheelchair accessible vehicles give you peace of mind knowing that they can move around without trouble.

3. Ultimate comfort

Transferring from a wheelchair to a car seat can be stressful for people who are just recovering from injuries or are suffering from chronic pain. A wheelchair accessible vehicle eliminates this discomfort. It also lessens the burden of having to carry the person into the vehicle seat.

4. Maximum freedom

Wheelchairs can limit travelling options for disabled persons. But with a wheelchair accessible vehicle, you can go to practically any place you want, especially if you drive yourself. In vans that have been converted to WAVs, you can even fit more than one wheelchair so you can bring your buddies along.

5. Save time and energy

If you are trying to get a disabled person into a regular vehicle, you will need to transfer the patient first, then fold and haul the wheelchair into the trunk. A wheelchair accessible vehicle lets you save plenty of time and energy. WAVs are equipped with ramps and lifts. All you have to do stand aside while the wheelchair user gets themselves into the vehicle.

6. Adaptable to your needs

Wheelchair accessible vehicles are highly versatile and can be easily customised to your specific needs. Maybe you want to carry medical equipment or add gas pedals and brakes that can be controlled by hand. Mobility vehicle providers can make that happen.

7. Unparalleled safety

Mobility access vehicles are built with clamps and ties to keep the wheelchair from moving around when in transit. The ramps and lifts are made of superior quality components that minimise injury risks when boarding and alighting the vehicle.

8. Easy accessibility

The whole point of modifying WAVs is to provide easy access. This includes adapting the vehicle to special needs such as low-effort steering controls, automated in-floor ramp systems, and even removing the driver seat altogether. Mobility vehicle providers ensure that you and your family are able to operate the vehicle in a simple, safe, and convenient manner.

9. Highly affordable

Although modified wheelchair access vehicles are more expensive than factory-built cars or vans, the high market demand has made them much more affordable. If you plan on using a mobility access vehicle for only a few months or couple of times a year, you may want to check out companies that rent them out.

10. Multiple options to choose from

Gone are the days of black or white vans. Modern technology has made it possible for vehicle modifiers to now add wheelchair accessibility to trucks, SUVs, minivans, and compacts. You can even drive in style by converting your sports car! Wheelchair accessible vehicles come with all sorts of advanced equipment that can adapt to the needs of a disabled person.

When choosing a mobility access vehicle provider, make sure that they offer some kind of warranty. This way you can easily ask assistance if you encounter any problems in the future.

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