Hoist Supplied / Fitted Hoist Serviced

Motoring Mobility can supply and install any type and brand of hoist to suit your needs.

Hoists are specifically designed to lift wheelchairs and scooters into the back of vehicles. The idea is that by simply pressing a button on a handset you can lift and swing your chair/scooter into the back of your vehicle.

Wheelchairs vary in weight and can come in various shapes and sizes. We, at Motoring Mobility, makes sure that the type of hoist your getting perfectly suits your needs. We have four basic types of hoists available:

Telescopic Hoists – Ideal for people with lesser mobility. Has a maximum lifting capacity of 120 kg.

Mini Hoists

Designed to lift manual and small wheelchairs. Has a maximum lifting capacity of 40 kg.

Maxi Hoists

Designed to lift 200 kg. Ideal for heavy weight power wheelchairs/scooters.

Midi Hoists

Built for medium-sized power chairs and scooters. Has a maximum weight capacity of 100 kg.